Uni-Vox 1962 Style Black & Silver

List Price: $2400

The chassis was built in Japan in the early sixties. This is a very well made all tube amp that had many labels in that era. Most all of the caps have been changed, and the tubes are fresh or new. It does about 25 watts with a pair of 6973’s. We added a tone modifier (Three way switch near the input jacks), this gives you a choice of; High…Marshall like, or middish blackfaceish, or low…Tweedy. It comes with 2 FluxTone model 14’s…Celestion blue cones in field coil frames. The magnet control lets you dial in 25 dB of volume range without disturbing the touch, tone , or feel of the amp. See the FluxTone site for details. With no pedals, just your guitar cord…this amp can sound just like Jimi’s version of the National Anthem. Has a converted dynamic spring reverb…was ceramic. Also tremolo. The cabinet is 3/4″ solid pine. This 2-12 combo will fill any stage big or small…thanks to the FluxTone system.

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