You Dream It. We Build It.

We build custom, one-of-a-kind guitar amplifiers that dreams are made of.  Then we add FluxTone speakers so you can dial in your perfect tone at any volume.

Custom Amplifiers. Vintage Tone.

Our approach is simple. We specialize in custom guitar amplifiers based on classic designs, then add your custom mods and FluxTone speaker technology for that sweet vintage tone.

Hand-wired. FluxTone equipped.

We specialize in hand-wired custom guitar amplifiers that are true to original specs, and help you get the sweetest tube amp guitars tones with our integrated FluxTone speakers.

Collaborative Prototyping.

Have an idea for a custom amplifier build or amp modification? If you can dream it up, we can work together to retrofit your existing amp, or build the new amp of your dreams!

Cabinet Retrofitting.

Already love your amp, but want to hit your sweet spot at lower volumes?  No problem.  We can take your existing amplifier cabinet and retrofit it with FluxTone speakers and power control.

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D.A.W. + FluxTone

Denver Amp Works guitar amplifiers come FluxTone equipped, which gives you an adjustment of 25dB that allows you to finely tune the SPL (Sound Pressure Level) with no effect on your touch, tone, or feel. It does all this without requiring your amp to do any more work than it is designed to do, and you can get your best tone at any volume level.  Our D.A.W. guitar amps & FluxTone speakers are out on tour with pro players around the world and rocking stages large and small.

Sound great. Look better.

Denver Amp Works specializes in hand-wired guitar amplifiers that are built with the heart and soul that make for great tone and great looks.  The amps we build are true to original specs, with NOS components that produce the sweetest guitar tones with the dynamics and touch that guitar players are always striving for.  Whether you love the look of classic vintage amplifiers, or want something totally unique that will turn heads, you can customize the build to your hearts content!

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About FluxTone Speakers

FluxTone has patented a “System and Method” that accomplishes this by varying a speakers magnetic strength, and ONLY FluxTone products give you familiar and desirable, “guitar speaker voices” while allowing you to vary your SPL 25dB, without changing the tone, touch or feel of your amp!

We know you’ve heard claims like this before; shelled out some good cash, and been let down. FluxTone has a long and growing list of satisfied customers, from local musicians to world-touring artists. See for yourself!

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