Princeton Reverb Style – 100% Sapwood

List Price: $3999

This beautiful rosewood cabinet features a Princeton Reverb Style amplifier with mods like on-off negative feedback switch, predominant harmonic switch, and comes FluxTone equipped!  FluxTone speakers allow you turn down your guitar amplifier without losing the tone, touch, or feel of your amp. This guitar cabinet can also be used as an extension cabinet for an external amplifier or head via the EXT AMP jack!

  • It comes with a FluxTone Model 11… “Celestion Alnico Cream”. (You can substitute almost any other FluxTone speaker…see the FluxTone site.
  • It has a defeat switch for removing Negative Feedback.
  • It has a Dominant Harmonic switch…2nd. or 3rd.
  • The amp will go into standby automatically when you use it as a “Controllable Extension Cabinet” to tame another amp.
  • It comes with a padded soft case with a removable Understrap.
  • The cabinet is manufactured, in the US, by our master cabinet builder.
  • The grain continuously wraps around the cabinet, as it is constructed from 3/4″ solid sapwood of Indian RoseWood.
  • Reverb and Vibrato foot switch.
  • The preamp tubes are heated Via DC current, for quiet operation.

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