Mood Amp – 1×12″ FluxTone Speaker Combo Amp

List Price: $3500

At the heart of this great little Hand-Wired, all tube, guitar amp is the familiar ’59 Bassman topology. Spring reverb has been added, along with several other user demanded mods.

In addition to that, there is a complete FluxTone Speaker system, Your choice of driver, see FluxTone-Speaker site. (comes loaded with a FluxTone Big-Blue). This system allows a 25 dB range of volume control, after the amps volume and tone settings, by varying the electro-magnet strength of the speaker. Patented.

Also there is a “External Amp” input jack on the back panel that allows you to play another amp through the FluxTone system. When another amp is introduced this way…the Mood-Amp is automatically placed into stand-by mode.

  • Marshall style Pre-Amp…(Electric position)
  • Fender style Pre-Amp…(Acoustic position)
  • ’59 bassman style Tone-Stack.
  • Pull for bright on the treble control.
  • Pull for “Mid-Shift” on the mid control.
  • Pull for blend on the pre-amp selector.
  • 15 watt PP-6V6 output stage.
  • Built in FluxTone Speaker system…(Magnet Control)
  • Tension Control…(Variable Soft to hard Clip)
  • External Amp input…(you can play another, 50 watt or less, amp through the FluxTone system.)
  • External Speaker output…(you can play this amp through another, 20 watt, speaker system.)
  • Actual Point to point wiring…no circuit or parts boards. This cuts down on solder joints by 40%!…just tube sockets and terminal strips. (very easy to repair and mod)

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