Epiphone Galaxy 25 Classic Tweed Style “the ODD one”

List Price: $2250

At the heart of this gem is a Gibson Epiphone Galaxy 25 amp. It has several modifications and upgrades as follows;

  • Has a complete FluxTone speaker system Model 1 (Eminence legend 125)
  • Has had both transformers replaced with better iron.
  • Sports a pair of 6973’s cranking out about 25 watts.
  • Tone caps upgraded from the shrill ceramics…to very nice polystyrene’s.
  • Has a knob to dial in how much Negative feedback, if any. (Skank)
  • The FluxTone system be used as an controllable extension cabinet to tame other amps up to 50 watts…via the external amp input jack.
  • New MojoTone “Tweed Super” size all pine cabinet.
  • This system allows a 25 dB range of volume control, after the amps settings, by varying the electro-magnet strength on the speaker.

Also there is a “External Amp” input jack on the back panel that allows you to play another amp through the FluxTone system. When another amp is introduced this way…the Princeton amplifier is placed in stand-by mode.

There is also a switch to select predominantly 2nd harmonics (Stock Princeton), or predominantly 3rd harmonics (Marshall like tone)

And finally the Negative feedback can be eliminated via a switch.

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