PP EL-84’s – Celestion “Blue” 2018 Clear Acrylic

List Price: $8800

This is a one-off, breath taking beautiful, piece that was the star of the 2016 NAMM show. It comes with it’s own custom fitted “Fake Fur lined” PSI road case.

This combo amp is constructed from 3/4 inch solid Acrylic, and has embedded LEDs that transmit their colors throughout it’s structure VIA “light Pipe” technique. It is fitted with a triple plated, polished, and chromed FluxTone model 4…(Celestion Alnico Blue). Here are some of it’s highlights;

  • One inch larger than a Tweed DeLuxe in each dimension.
  • Push Pull EL-84’s…about 15 watts.
  • Tremolo with on-off switch, speed and depth.
  • Variable Negative Feedback control.
  • Volume, Treble, Mid, and bass controls.
  • Machined aluminum concentric knobs.
  • Spring Reverb.
  • All tube circuit…no digital anything!
  • FluxTone triple chromed model 4 speaker (Celestion Alnico blue).
  • Bright Switch.
  • Mid Boost switch.
  • Two color LED pilot light…Red = operate.
  • Super quiet Fan cooled.

These days most modern attenuators have many switches and knobs that try to recover the tone that they have killed, or never allow to be created…FluxTone just has the one knob…Magnet Strength. There is no need to try to get back anything, because the tone did not go anywhere…its all still there. FluxTone does not send your signal into a group of resistors and other parts, it goes straight to the speakers voice coil, just like normal. Your speaker still is directly connected to the amp and fights with the tubes to make all those wonderful overtones and harmonics.

And lastly, and according to many professional players, adjusting the FluxTone system does absolutely nothing to the “Feel or Touch” of your amp because it does not ever come into contact with the signal going from your output transformer to the speaker terminals. All other attenuators will change how hard you strike the strings, as you try to sound the same when you attenuate.

FluxTone does not make you learn a new way of playing the same song as you adjust it’s volume. No other attenuator can claim this. In other words the touch and tone of your amp remains exactly the same over the entire 25 range…there is never any need to “Re-Adjust” any knobs as you adjust the FluxTone control. You don’t have to learn how to play the song differently just because you turned down the volume.

As with all DAW (Denver Amp Works) combos…you can use it as an adjustable extension cabinet, to tame other amps with it’s on-board FluxTone speaker system. Just put the amp in standby, jack into the “EXT AMP” jack, and turn down another amp that has the same or less power as the rating on your speaker. This way you can enjoy playing your other amps at a usable level.

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